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Credit Lighter Inc, officially registered in the United States, is a private online investment firm. The main agenda of our firm is to make as much profit from Forex trading as possible. If you going to start your online investment venture then you must consider Credit Lighter Inc as your vehicle. Join hands with us and we assure that we will help you achieve success as well as growth. You must be wondering what is so different about Credit Lighter Inc that you should choose it above the other online investment firms. Well, we can give you countless reasons for it. Credit Lighter Inc provides its investors with a wide range of features and services that keep us one step ahead of all our competitors.

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Our team looks after the accounts and records of our clients with the utmost efficiency and effectiveness. Our company understands the importance of correct timing and accurate information in Forex investment and trading. Thus, we also ensure that our clients are being offered the latest information related to all market events so that they can keep themselves updated and make wise investment decisions at appropriate times. Credit Lighter Inc trades on low margins so that its clients can draw benefits of higher leverage. Thus, you will earn a daily stable profit even when the margins fluctuate a little.

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success stories

Online investing has been a great success everywhere. It is gaining so much popularity and reputation in the market. A large number of online investing websites have cropped up in the market. There are so many success stories. Some of these success stories in online investing have been discussed here.

Max Dufour

Program manager in a Boston consulting firm.

Most of the investor may find foreign investing a very hedging strategy. For them, it is a means of keeping their portfolio stable in case the United States short-term financial prospects may take a shaky turn. A program manager in a Boston consulting firm, Max Dufour, almost doubles his foreign investments in the last few years to approximately 40% of his portfolio! He suggests that an investor should not keep all his eggs in one basket.

Maria Youngblood

Investors with 10 years' experience in investment management

Maria spend the first ten years if their investment careers following the tried and tested traditional buy and hold approach. However, they soon found a financial advisor. Maria allocated about one-fourth of their fund to an online investing company whose alternative strategies included tactics such as using inverse index exchange-traded funds and shorting treasury bonds to protect themselves against declining prices of stocks. In the year 2008, the portfolio of the Youngblood's was up by 3% even though the stock market was down by 30%.

Ron Omohundro

An engineer and executive

Ron Omohundro was an engineer and executive. He, too, followed the conventional investing approach of buy and hold for so many years. However, after retiring in 2007 he started to get worried about the stock market. His portfolio, at that time, was jammed with overpriced U.S. stocks. By the next spring, Ron Omohundro moved a large part of his portfolio to dividend-paying stocks and high yield corporate bonds. Hence, he was able to avoid much of the destruction when the stock market fell. Since then he has been more.

Yuri Goncharevich

Content & social media manager

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