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At CreditLighter we offer a one-of-a-kind referral program to interested parties. For you it is a special opportunity to generate substantial supplemental income online without having to give up your other sources of income.


Create your CreditLighter account and join our system


Use your referral link and our promotional banners to invite others


Earn commission from active connections' investment

3 LEVELS Affiliate commission

Tier1:3%   Tier2: 0.5%   Tier3: 0.5%

Best of all, our referral program allows you to earn money from home even if you have not yet to invest using our platform. By simply registering in the program, and subsequently inviting clients to use our service, you can earn money using a custom referral link to keep track of your referrals.
Partnership Tier Commission
Tier 1 3.00%
Tier 2 0.50%
Tier 3 0.50%

How Does Tier 2 and Tier 3 Work?

Basically, you will receive commissions based on referrals from not only the clients you directly invite (Tier 1), but also from the clients they refer (Tier 2). Additionally, you will receive commissions from the referrals invited by the referrals of the clients you initially invited (Tier 3).

This is a great chance for anyone to earn additional profits with very little effort. Ultimately, the amount of your income from our referral program depends directly on the effort you put in, but your earning potential is essentially unlimited. In other words, there is no maximum in payments you can receive from referral commissions. It is also important to note that how you invite clients to our service is entirely up to you, and is to be done at your discretion.

More specifically, you can invite friends, colleagues, family members, neighbors, and any other people you are propelled to solicit. We welcome any legal and ethical measures of referring clients to our services.

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